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Armchair Travellers Unite!'s Journal

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2nd October 2006

madamegonzaga11:26am: Worst of San Francisco and Beyond
Shame Shame we know your name! Here let us gather together a photojournal ov ze "Worst Of" ze places that suck. All complaints welcome und encouraged. Not tou say they are beyond redemption, just zat zay are beyond mein pocketboook's support und have earned ze aweird ov being poot on ze Bad Nasties Hall ov Shame shite list map. Please tou add your "fair warnings." No reason your fiends should suffer ze same bad nasties. Kak!
Bad und Nasty Hall of Shame
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6th September 2006

madamegonzaga1:46pm: Armchair Shopper
I'll show you my favorite shopping lairs and secret caches if you'll show me yours. Share your best finds and reveal your unique treasure troves, won't you? Along the way we'll meet some of the designers, shopkeepers, and local folk who bring us the sweetest deals, present the most unique pieces, and set the stage for our divine shopping experiences in the Bay area and beyond.

Here, now, the answers to the age-old question asked of us trendsetters all the time.

Where'd ya get that?

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21st February 2006

coceng9:41am: Travel > Italy > Civita di Bagnoregio
Taken these photos in June, 2003 with a non-digital disposable camera;
Civita di Bagnoregio in Central Italy is situated on a crumbling hill.
Only the old folks left who grow flowers...

(11 more photos, please click HERE...)

Please give a comment on these photos & which photo(s) you like best.
Thank you very much.
w_deceuninck12:50am: i will be going to Prague this May! and i intend to bring back some photo's. now i know may is still way too long away, but i'm excited!

17th February 2006

coceng4:04am: Travel > Syria > Palmyra
Palmyra (the ancient name is Tadmor - 'The City of Palms') is a splendid ruin, covering 50 hectares.
These are the photos that I took around Palmyra.

(6 more photos, please click HERE...)

Please comment on them & choose your favourite photo(s).
Thank you very much.

14th February 2006

coceng1:31am: Travel > Syria > Palmyra At Night
Palmyra in Syria was one of the stops along The Silk Road routes in 2nd century BC.
These are my photos taken around the site at night.

(4 more photos, please click HERE...)

Please give a comment & choose which photo(s) you like.
Thank you.

10th February 2006

coceng1:04am: Travel > Jordan > Petra At Night
April night 2005 at 8 pm, my Petra Night Excursion :

(5 big photos, please click HERE...)

Please give a comment on my photos & choose which one(s) you like.
Thank you very much.

7th February 2006

coceng3:27am: Travel > Jordan > Petra
This ancient city is also known as 'The Rose Red City Of Petra'.
Introduced to the world by Indiana Jones !

(All 5 bigger photos plus a movie...)

Please give a comment & choose which photo(s) you like.
Thank you very much.

2nd February 2006

coceng1:02am: Travel > Egypt > Luxor Temple : Part 2
Luxor was the capital of Egypt in 1991 BC.
This temple was completed by the infamous Tutankhamun.
For thousands of years, the temple was buried beneath the streets and houses of the town of Luxor & eventually unearthed for the last 100 years as we can see them today.
These are the 2nd part of my night photos around Luxor Temple.

5 photos, please click HERE...

Please give a comment & choose which photo(s) you like best.
Thank you very much.

31st January 2006

coceng1:19am: Travel > Egypt > Luxor Temple
Situated in the middle of Luxor Town.
Constructions began as early as 14th century BC, this is one of the largest Egyptian temples by the river Nile.
Easily accessible, lighted till 9 pm.
These are my night photos around the temple :

4 more photos, please click HERE...

Please give a comment & choose which photo(s) you like best.
Thank you.

29th January 2006

coceng1:40am: Travel > Italy > Florence
I was in Florence in 2003 just for a few hours.
Had the time to see lots of paintings in The Uffizi Gallery.
Also, had 3 snaps of Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral.
It was really hard to find the best angles to capture this world-known cathedral.
Sharing these 3 snaps with you :

The Baptistry & Giotto's Bell Tower

2 more snapshots, please click HERE...

Please leave a comment & if possible, tell me which photo(s) you like best.
Thank you very much.

26th January 2006

coceng10:59pm: Travel > Croatia > Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik, the highlight of my trip to Croatia, in 2003.
Situated in the south of The Dalmatian Coast, Dubrovnik has a long history.
Earthquake & war shattered this town through the years but now Dubrovnik is one of the hottest spots in The Adriatic Sea.
Showing 5 more photos that I took with my camera (non-digital) :

Overlooking Lokrum Island

4 more photos, please click HERE...

Please give a comment & which photo(s) you like ?
Thank you.

25th January 2006

coceng4:29am: Travel > London At Night : Part 2
So, there are more London at night from me.
Still remember the time when my friends were bored like hell when these photos were taken (smile).
Sharing these with you guys.

The London Eye by The Thames.

2 more photos, please click HERE...

I hope the names of these buildings are correct though.
Please give a comment & choose which photo(s) that tickle your fancy.
Thank you.

20th January 2006

coceng3:45pm: Travel > Images Of Croatia
I was in Croatia in June/July 2003, the same period that I covered Italy & Slovenia.
Croatia is so beautiful !
Croatia is a country where most Europeans love to go !
Just remember The Dalmatian Coast !
It's a coastline from Dubrovnik (in the south) to Rijeka (in the north).

There are lots of private coves, lots of romantic deserted beaches & lots of small islands scattered along this coast line.
Driving along this coastline is one of the most memorable experiences that you could ever get in your travel !
Not having a digital camera then, I managed to snap some scenes from my (cheap) film camera.
Sharing these photos with you guys !

Walking along Opatija at dawn...

4 more photos, please click HERE...

Please have a comment on these photos & choose your favourite image(s).
Thank you.

16th January 2006

coceng4:55am: Travel > Images Of The Nile
The Nile is the longest river in the world (debatable, as Amazon river also claims the same title !). The Nile is about 4000 miles long & normally associated with modern/ancient Egypt.
Flowing through Egypt from the south to the north, felluca (a small sailboat) is the main transport on the river.
Photography along/on The Nile is amazing !
These are my images of The Nile, taken in April 2005.

Aswan, the south of Egypt
4 more images of The Nile, please click HERE

Feel free to comment on my photos & please choose your favourite photo(s).
Thank you very much for taking some times to see them.

15th January 2006

coceng2:22am: Photo Enhancer > Venice
Venice, June 2003; Arriving from Rovinj,Croatia.
This is another photo that I was not satisfied with !
The catamaran was just approaching Venice & there were many photo opportunities.
The sunlight was blindingly hot & I took a snap.
It's saturated & lifeless.

This is the original photo developed from my cheap camera then :

Click HERE for the enhanced version of this photo...

Please give your opinions on both the photos.
Thank you.

23rd July 2005

solarfields4:55pm: Let the fundraising begin!
Hello, everyone.

I just signed up for Blogathon 2005.

I'm raising money for my volunteer vacation to Cartago, Costa Rica for two weeks in January-February 2006, via Cross Cultural Solutions. Since I've recently started working on my TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) certification, I hope to be placed in an orphanage or daycare center working with children in child-care and/or teaching them English.

Cross-Cultural Solutions' mission statement: "Our vision is of a world where people value cultures different from their own, and are empowered to effect positive change." Cross-Cultural Solutions is an independent non-profit organization. To keep their goals focused on empowering local communities and working towards cultural understanding, they do not seek funding from religious, corporate or government agencies. This means that like most not-for-profit organizations that run international volunteer programs, Cross-Cultural Solutions' programs are driven entirely by volunteer contributions.

I have included a FAQ to answer any questions you might have. This is phase one, next phase is the letters/emails/brochures phase. Always looking for new and ingenius fundraising ideas if anyone has any. Thanks for reading! :D

8th June 2005

solarfields8:09am: Don't Let the World Pass You By!
Less than 23% of Americans have a passport. In an effort to inspire more Americans to take advantage of the riches and rewards that travel bestows, Lonely Planet is supporting an initiative in Congress to designate September as National Passport Month. Sign our petition to voice your support:

The Full Resolution For National Passport MonthCollapse )

Please sign our petition to voice your support! Sign here.

8th July 2004

hobbesknight9:51am: Travel PRWire
I would like to announce the launch of Travel PRWire. At Travel PRWire you can read the latest travel news from all over the globe, post your travel news release to the most comprehensive travel news and information distribution network, and access top-notch resources for the travel writing market. For aspiring travel writers, there is a signup list for travel-related press releases and press trip announcements, plus a great "Travel Writers' Toolkit" with all kinds of great stuff.

Come check it out at http://www.travelprwire.com


24th May 2004

parisnowandthen6:40pm: a shameless plug
Hi all - I am blogging about Paris - the history and hints for travelers - even if you live there there might be something useful - let me know what you think!
go to:

11th April 2004

eclipsed_heart5:49pm: Dreamtravel
I am not permanently armchair-bound, but I'm unable to travel now the way I used to, for reasons of health and (lack of) finances. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to do a bit of globetrotting in my younger days. I've reen much of my native Texas Hill Country, the Gulf of Mexico, the blue-green hills and historic Civil War battle sites of Tennessee, the back-roads of Mississippi, where the kudzu had grown to the very edge of the tarmac; also small towns in Arkansas, the flat bayou land of Louisiana, and the Golden Arch in St. Louis, Missouri. I visited New York City for one week, touring the Empire State, Chrysler and Flatiron buildings, Central Park, MOMA, the NYC Public Library, numerous art galleries, and even watched a gorgeous, glorious sunset from atop the World Trade Center.
One of my fondest hopes was realised when I visited England twice in 1985. The first time I went was in January. The first piece of England I actually saw was a green, green field, surrounded by an ancient, crumbling stone fence. Beautiful. The majority of that visit was spent in Peterborough, but the next time I went over, in July, I was able to see a bit more. I went to Derbyshire and saw Peveril Castle and the Stillwell Cavern, and then to Sandringham House, the Queen's residence. I loved it all..........
There are so many other places I'd like to visit: more of Texas and other US states, France, Germany, Italy and Australia, but if I had the chance to see ALL those places tomorrow, I'd give it up, give them all up, if only, if only, if only I could go instead...............to Scotland.
Okay.......Who's there? Who's been? Who else longs to go? Tell me. Tell me everything.
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26th January 2004

andychan4287:05pm: hi everyone!
i travel the world on my swivelling armchair, seeing the lights, out on the town. i wander the woods on my posterier, flat on my ass, hoping to drown........sorry bout that last part, i was trying to make it rhyme. come on over, people, let's join the armchairtravel community, and once you're here, post something! let's make this community amazing! i <3 my armchair, i will never part with it. i'm going to recruit some friends to this community, they love their armchairs too.
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